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11 surprising benefits of vitamin c serum

11 Benefits of Vitamin C Serums for Face You'll Love

11 Benefits of Vitamin C Serums for Face You'll Love

You may already know which type of vitamin C is best for your skin. (Hint: vitamin C ester!) Now let’s delve into the good stuff. All the lovely benefits of vitamin C serums for face!

11 Benefits of Vitamin C Serums for Face You'll Love

11 Benefits of Vitamin C Serums for Face You Need to Know

1. More potent than regular vitamin C: Research shows that vitamin C ester is 50x more potent than other common forms of vitamin C. This means you get more bang for your beauty bucks when you get in on the benefits of vitamin C serums for skin made with this form of the ingredient.

2. Gentle on skin: Vitamin C ester may be more potent, but that doesn’t mean it’s harsh on skin. The ingredient, also known as tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a form of vitamin C with a longer shelf life, causes no skin irritation or sensitization.

3. Lessens appearance of UV damage: Not only do vitamin C serums brighten the skin, vitamin C ester is known to reduce the appearance of UV damage and limit further damage caused by sun exposure. Yes, you still need to use a daily SPF, but a vitamin C serum is a great addition to your UV protection skincare plan.

11 Benefits of Vitamin C Serums for Face You'll Love

4. Brightens the complexion: Maybe the most well-known benefit of vitamin C serums for face is the brightening effect they have on skin. The vitamin interacts with enzymes in the skin to decrease melanin formation, which visibly lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and boosts the appearance of brighter skin.

5. Visibly improves acne: Vitamin serum for acne has been shown to lessen the appearance of redness caused by acne and visibly diminish breakouts. Because the ingredient provides a calming, soothing, and smoothing feel to skin, it’s a valuable addition to your acne skincare regimen.

6. Smooths skin textures: Topical application of vitamin C may decrease the feeling of skin roughness. Try vitamin C serums for face as an easy way to make skin feel smoother.

benefits of vitamin c serum

7. Visibly improves signs of aging: The anti aging benefits of vitamin C serums diminish the appearance of aging on skin. The ingredient has been shown to improve the appearance of skin elasticity when used regularly by stimulating collagen in the skin.

8. Provides instant glow: Those brightening, skin smoothing and firming benefits mean skin looks instantly glowy and radiant after using a vitamin C serum. The go-to product for perking up dreary looking skin.

9. Lends a calming sensation: Yes, it’s gentle enough for all skin types. But vitamin C ester serum also has the ability to deliver a calming sensation to upset skin in those dealing with dryness or acne.

11 Benefits of Vitamin C Serums for Face You'll Love

10. Alleviates feelings of dryness: Vitamin C ester serum moisturizes skin and helps to alleviate feelings associated with skin dryness and moisture loss.

11. Great for all skin types: Since vitamin C ester holds many skin benefits but is also gentle on skin, serum made with the ingredient is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. An all-round crowd pleaser.

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