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7 Reasons Your Skin Looks Dull No Matter What

reasons why dull skin

You have a regular skincare routine and use natural beauty cosmetics. So, what makes your skin look dull no matter what you do?

There are several factors that come into play with a less-than-glowing complexion. Taking a closer look at your beauty routine and lifestyle will likely turn up a few more clues as to what’s causing your dull skin.

7 Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull

1. You aren’t using enough UV protection: The seasons bring on their own unique set of skin issues. One thing that is always a complete necessity is SPF. UV damage takes a serious toll on the complexion, causing feelings of dryness, and the appearance of dull skin and hyperpigmentation. Be sure to apply sunscreen daily to counter sun damage and give skin a healthy looking glow.

natural beauty cosmetics

2. You’re exfoliating the wrong way: If you are buffing and sloughing and still seeing dullness, it may mean you are using the wrong exfoliation method for your skin type. Exfoliating 1-2 times each week with a mild exfoliant is the best way to make skin feel soft and smooth without causing feelings of irritation or stressing the skin. For DIYers,  lactic acid in yogurt is a great alternative to granular sloughers, and makes skin look bright and beautiful. 

3. You’re not sure if skin needs hydration or moisture: A surprising fact, there is a big difference hydration and moisturization. When dehydrated, skin loses the plumped up and dewy look you love, and appears thin and lifeless. Drinking plenty of water and using skincare that contains humectants, like algae and glycerin to help maintain your skin’s hydration levels can help combat dehydrated skin and deliver a healthy appearance. 
On the other hand, proper moisturization is what helps skin look and feel healthy by locking in the hydration within the skin and creating a protective surface to prevent dehydration. Natural beauty cosmetics made with moisturizing ingredients, like jojoba oil and vitamin E, form a layer on top of skin to keep the complexion feeling soft and smooth. And yes, moisturization makes skin look bright and dewy, too.

real foods

4. You’re skipping superfoods: True beauty starts on the inside. It can be difficult to eat healthy all of the time. Certain foods are essential for a healthy looking complexion. Be sure fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, in a wide array of colors, make it onto your plate on a regular basis to boost vitamins and minerals. Essential fatty acids in salmon, nuts, and avocados help to visibly plump and perk up the complexion. Here’s a hot tip to improving your beauty diet – make a list of beauty-promoting ingredients and prepare snacks ahead of time so you always have them within reach (instead of that beauty-sabotaging chocolate candy bar!)

5. You aren’t getting enough exercise: Sorry, we had to go there. But the inevitable truth is that exercise improves circulation which boosts the look of bright, healthy skin. Sweating is also a great way to release toxins from your body and skin. Even if you don’t have time everyday for a full workout, you can tap into the benefits of movement by getting outdoors for a stroll on your lunch break, doing casual meetings as you walk in the park instead of the conference room, and taking public transport instead of driving everywhere. 

6. You’re skin is maturing: It’s inevitable. Your skin ages alongside you. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing! While skin does tend to look thinner and less radiant with age, using natural ingredients in skincare and makeup, and taking gentle care of your skin will boost luminosity.

natural beauty cosmetics

7. You aren’t getting enough sleep: Stress, caffeine, tech, and even pollution can affect your good night’s sleep. Taking sleep for granted is detrimental not just for your health but also to your complexion. Skin rejuvenates overnight as you sleep. This is why you wake up to a firmer, smoother looking face than the night before. It’s also in these wee hours that your skin opens its pores and works on healing and renewing. If you’ve ever wondered why night creams are typically more intense than daytime creams, this is it. 

So, make the most of your Z’s by unplugging, at least one hour before turning in. Keep your bedroom a comfortable but cooler temperature, and using aromatherapeutic tools like lavender and chamomile. 

How to Brighten Your Complexion With Natural Beauty Cosmetics

While you work on making a few of these lifestyle adjustments to improve the look of dull skin, here are some “in the meantime” tips to looking radiant more quickly with natural beauty cosmetics:

  • Hydrate, moisturize and protect skin from UV rays before applying makeup to maintain a dewy, plumped up look all day long 
  • Apply a creamy hydrating concealer made with moisturizing ingredients that won’t cause dryness or make skin look cakey, especially in the undereye area
  • Make sure your foundation is the right match for your skin tone, changing as necessary with the seasons
  • Use a radiance boosting powder to visibly improve dull looking skin
  • Apply a hint of subtle, warmer-toned bronzer to cheeks, nose, and forehead for a sunkissed look year round
  • Opt for a blush one shade brighter than your usual blush when skin looks dull
dark foundation

Our final tip? Don’t forget to enjoy life! It’s the best way to have authentically beautiful skin.


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