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A Quick and Easy Makeup Tutorial for New Moms

Makeup Tutorial for New Moms
Makeup Tutorial

Everyone feels better with a fresh, pulled together look but not everyone has the time. And new moms top the list. As a makeup artist and first time new mom, I understand that the struggle is all too real. I barely have time for myself, but I still like to look pulled together. Even if I’m only heading to Starbucks drive-thru for a caffeine boost. That’s why I’m sharing my super fast, insanely easy makeup tutorial for a simple mommy makeover.

Leann Magrone’s Mommy Makeover Makeup Tutorial

A streamlined approach and a few handy pro tips, and you’ll have your fresh-faced look on in no time.

Prep Skin: I always start with Hynt Beauty SKIN PREP Serum to give my skin a fresh look. Good morning! And ahhh… I love the calming, hydrating sensation. This product makes my skin feel balanced with a refined, matte appearance, and prepared for makeup. Protect and Perfect: Next, I mix Hynt SUN PREP Broad Spectrum SPF25 with Hynt DUET Perfecting Concealer in Light, a trick I always use to turn the full coverage concealer into a lightweight tinted moisturizer and SPF in one. I recommend mixing the concealer into the SUN PREP on the back of your hand with fingertips or a concealer brush for a smoother, seamless application.

Makeup Tutorial

Brow Power: If you’re like me, there’s no way you can leave the house without doing your brows. I’ve used Hynt Eye Brow Definer in Espresso for the last three years and can’t be without this amazing product. It offers the perfect consistency and the natural looking pigment lasts all day with a cream to powder finish. Even though I’m blonde, I like my brows to stand out. So, I extend the length and shade them in with the darker brown Espresso.

Full Coverage: Ok, back to the skin. I brush VELLUTO Pure Powder Foundation in Light Beige over my entire face using Hynt’s Flat Top Foundation Brush. Then I start a soft contour by applying VELLUTO in shade Medium Beige on my cheeks, nose, upper forehead, and over my eyelids.

Go Bronze: For cheeks and to add some contour to the face, I apply Hynt SOLARE Bronzing Powder with Hynt’s Air Blender which lets you apply a subtle veil of color, especially when I am going for a quick, out-the-door natural look.

Makeup Tutorial

Eyes Have It: Now it’s time to play up the eyes with the SUITE 6 Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Sahara. As Hynt’s Creative Director, I chose the shades for this palette with Hynt Founder Meryl Marshall, so it’s universally flattering and versatile. This palette offers a wide range of looks, but I’m going to give you a makeup tutorial for a soft day look for busy on-the-go moms.

Apply the lightest shade (Innocent Matte) over the entire eyelid to brows. This will help any color you add next pop. For my blue eyes (and due to late nights) I like my eyes to look awake. I apply the soft brown shade (German Chocolate Matte) in the crease and a little bit more on the outer corner on top, and softly blend.

Then I take a small flat brush and dip into the beautiful gold pink shadow (Coral Reef Shimmer) in the middle of the palette. I press it into the inner corners and then softly do a windshield wiper movement over the lid and crease.

Lastly, add the Pink Mocha Matte onto the outer half of the lid, then blend it in with the Coral Reef shimmer.

A Quick and Easy Makeup Tutorial for New Moms

To add some definition, I use the FORTE Eyeliner Pencil in black and Hynt NOCTURNE Mascara and I’m out the door. And if you’re packing a diaper bag, bring the ARIA Pure Lipstick in Bellini Nude along for the ride. It adds the perfect touch of natural nude color to your lips.

And just like that, baby nap time is over. I hope these mommy makeover tips help you look and feel your best!

A Quick and Easy Makeup Tutorial for New Moms


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