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Eyebrow Trends 2020: How-Tos for Your Face Shape

New Eyebrow trends that work best for your face shape

Because your brows are unique to your face, you know that it’s important to create the best brow for your face shape. But, of course, it’s always fun to get in on the latest trends. Luckily, Hynt Beauty’s resident natural makeup artist, Lexi, is keyed into the best eyebrow trends 2020 has to offer for each face shape. Find out which 2020 eyebrow trends work best for you and how to get the look.

3 Latest Eyebrow Trends We’re Seeing Now

Latest eyebrow trends
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TREND 1: Untouched AM Brow

This current eyebrow trend 2020 is sporting, appears untouched as if you just woke up. Keep your natural brow shape but give them a slightly more polished no makeup, makeup look by filling in any gaps or holes using minimal product and outward small brush strokes. 

Choose a shade that is as close to your natural brow color as possible. The goal is to give brows a “no makeup makeup” look. Use the spoolie brush up and outward to blend the product to look as natural as possible. Don’t mind if a hair or two is out of place or going in a different direction. Embrace it!

Untouched AM brow trends

TREND 2: The Laminated Brow

Also known as the fluffy brow, Lexi describes this look as a full, almost shiny brow that appears to grow upward. You’ve likely seen this 2020 eyebrow trend on social media, as well as on models. 

Start by using Hynt Beauty’s Eyebrow Definer with an angled brush using small brush strokes in an upward motion towards your hair line. You want these strokes to look like individual hairs. Next, take a clear brow gel and brush the brow hairs in an upward motion. This trend focuses on realigning the direction of the hair growth while enhancing the brow shape.

TREND 3: Perfectly Imperfect Brows

Another eyebrow trend for 2020 is embracing all those stray strands around your brows while maintaining a very structured brow. So, no clean lines, this trend is meant to amplify the imperfections and stray hairs you already have while still looking very structured. 

To get the look, lay off the tweezers and fill in your main brows hairs with a decent amount of product to create a shape that best frames your face. Hynt Beauty’s Eyebrow Definer and angled brush work great for this. As you are creating your brow shape, don’t mind the stray hairs around the main shape. Finish your brow by using the spoolie end of the brush to pull through and blend the product to ensure no harsh lines or edges. This makes your look super glam but organic and natural all at the same time! 

How to Choose a 2020 Eyebrow Trend for Your Face Shape

Wondering which of the above brow trends would look best on you? Lexi shares tips for choosing the one that will work best for each face shape.

What eyebrow trend pairs well with round face shape

Round: Lexi recommends going with a higher arch for a round face shape to help elongate the face. The Laminated Brow will fit best because the trend emphasizes the direction of the brow hairs growing upward, helping elongate this face shape.

What eyebrow trend pairs well with heart face shape

Heart: A rounded, softer arch goes well with a heart shaped face. The Untouched AM  Brow might become your go-to because this trend has an overall softer appearance and will give the face balance.

What eyebrow trend pairs well with oval face shape

Oval: Anything goes with an oval face shape, lucky you. Try all three trends!

What eyebrow trend pairs well with square face shape

Square: A softer brow looks best on a square face shape to soften the jawline. Go for the Untouched AM brow because the beauty of your natural face structure will be best complemented with a softer brow.

What eyebrow trend pairs well with long face shape

Long: A straight brow looks great on a long face. For example, Kendall Jenner does a straight brow. Go for the Perfectly Imperfect Brow that will allow you to fill in your brows in more of a straighter shape while leaving some intentional stray hairs out.

What eyebrow trend pairs well with diamond face shape

Diamond: A straight or softly arched brow works well on a diamond face shape. The Perfectly Imperfect Brows will work best as it lets you use a little more product to give yourself that desired straight brow or soft arch shape while letting you keep that trendy stray-hairs look.

Hynt eyebrow definer

Lexi recommends a toolkit to get you started creating your new trendy brow look. You will need an angled brush and spoolie to place the product and give you that brushed fluffy brow look, a brow gel to keep hairs in place, and a brow powder or pomade. Hynt Beauty Eyebrow Definer works perfectly here and there’s a color for everyone.

Since masks are a big part of your daily appearance in 2020, brows are the perfect feature to focus on. You can customize how you choose to get in on these eyebrow trends and create a statement look that is all your own. Remember, brows should complement your face, not overwhelm. No matter what look you opt for, brows should look like sisters, not twins. If they look too identical, it tends to give an artificial look. Feel free to play with these eyebrow trends 2020 has made popular and have fun with it.


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