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How to Create Your Perfect Eyebrows With Kristen Arnett

perfect eyebrows
perfect eyebrowsWhether you are filling in sparse brows, adding a darker shade to light brows, or creating a more intense brow look, application can be tricky. You know which product to use for perfect eyebrows … our high performance, natural Eyebrow Definers, of course! Now, how about some expert tips from a true natural makeup artist?Kristen Arnett knows natural beauty and is a genius at creating gorgeous looks. And this includes brows. So, we couldn’t resist asking how she uses Hynt Eyebrow Definers on her clients. Here, she shares her tips on choosing your best shade, getting the shape right, and applying a flawless natural or bold brow to get perfect eyebrows. Kristen Arnett’s Tips to Perfect Eyebrows Using Hynt Eyebrow DefinersHynt Beauty: First off, how do we go about choosing the appropriate brow shade?Kristen Arnett: As a general rule err on the lighter, rather than darker, side as it’s more flattering. Also, be sure to find a compromise between your brow hair color and the hair on your head if the tones are different. For instance, if you’ve chosen to go more auburn with your hair color but your natural shade is more of a cool brown, then you need to find a brow product with a color to bring you closer to auburn.perfect eyebrowsHB: What steps should be taken prior to applying Eyebrow Definer?KA: Given that natural and fairly unruly brows are the trend, you probably don’t want to do much. So, I’d recommend tweezing only a few wild strays, which is also far more gentle on the skin. Also, freshly waxed skin can be very hard to get brow color to stick to.HB: How do we determine the appropriate shape for our brows?KA: Honestly you can be super precise or super simple with brow shape. Simple is going with what nature gave you and working with that. Precise is assessing your face shape, eye shape, the width of your eyes between the bridge of your nose, and considering the expression and character style you are going for, then working on it from all those standpoints to come up with a brow shape that makes the right statement for you. This article does a great job of explaining a nice middle of the road way to approach basic brow shape.perfect eyebrowsHB: Could you give us tips on application for a natural look?KA: Anytime you want to achieve a more natural look, don’t use a lot of product or darker than needed colors on your face. Hynt DUO Brow Spoolie Brush is awesome for application because an angled brush is your friend when it comes to creating a beautiful, natural brow as you can use it to achieve different effects, from thin hair strokes to thick and soft edges. Most importantly you’ve got to use the spoolie on the other end to soften anything you applied to your brows and make the effect more seamless on your face. I show the exact brush techniques in my eyebrow workshop.HB: How about tips for a bolder brow look?KA: Ah, yes. The bold brow. While thick brows are “in” they weren’t always, and many women were born without much visible brow. Or they plucked their brows out when it was fashionable to have thin brows and never got them to grow back. Or maybe their hormones caused their hair to lessen with age. Or perhaps they went through chemo or have alopecia. So, if you don’t have bushy brows, you’ve got to fake it. However, I see so many people who get way too heavy handed and look like they drew their brows on with a marker and a stencil. It’s a look, but it’s not really how the trend was initially created. perfect eyebrowsWhen bold brows started coming in at the fashion week shows I was doing makeup for, I learned that it’s best to start by filling the natural hair line. First aiming for any “naked spots” and then placing color wherever you see the brow hair root. Don’t get too strong with the color closest to the nose, but rather focus on the outer 2/3 of the brow, mimicking hair as much as possible with your application and keeping the angles soft yet sleek. Here’s a fun video I did with a rather bizarre technique I demonstrated on a rocking boat. Thank you, Kristen, for offering your knowledge on creating perfect eyebrows. Want even more info from the green beauty guru? Check out her How to Fill In Your Eyebrows Naturally Workshop for a deep dive into specific ways to use Hynt Eyebrow Definers for shaping difficult brows, more on choosing color (including swatching all of the Hynt shades!), and more.How to Create Your Perfect Eyebrows With Kristen Arnett


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