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How to Get Maximum Benefits from Your Face Serum

Benefits of Face Serum
face serum

There are two camps when it comes to face serum. Those who love them and wouldn’t think of caring for their skin without them. And those who have no earthly clue what they are or why they need one.

Time to clear up all of those face serumquestions and help you figure out if your skin would benefit from such aproduct. *Hynt hint* the short answer is YES!

What is Face Serum?

Contrary to popular belief, a face serum is not simply a lightweight moisturizer. The true beauty of face serum lies in the ingredients. Yes, all carefully crafted natural skincare holds specific advantages from the ingredients selected. But serum formulas usually include concentrated ingredients that deliver targeted benefits to skin.

Serums are available in a wide array of formulations. There are those that are oil-based and feel like a facial oil. These are well suited to dry and sensitive skin types, as well as mature skin. Face serums that are watery or gel-like are great for oily skin. Then there are those that feel like a light moisturizer and suit almost all skin types.

face serum

So, you can choose a face serum that improvesthe appearance of a certain skin issue or one that is well-rounded and designedto support the beauty of all skin types. The best way to tell what a face serumis made of is to look at the ingredient listing.

Beneficial Face Serum Ingredients

The best face serums truly offer something forall skin types and conditions. Following are some of the most commonly usedface serum ingredients and how they address a variety of skin issues.

NaturalOils: Sunflower oil makes an ideal base for faceserums because it is lightly moisturizing and antioxidant-rich. It also has acleansing quality that makes it beneficial in keeping the skin looking clearand balanced.

Algae: Talk about a powerhouse ingredient, algae is perfect for lending a detoxifying feel to skin and creating a luminous glow. Hynt SKIN PREP SERUM Bioactive Marine Complex has a seawater base to make skin feel supple and hydrated without feeling greasy.

face serum

Plant and Flower Extracts

These ingredients are super popular, both for skin and the sensations they offer to mind and mood. It’s important to remember that they are highly concentrated and super potent ingredients, and it is best to use them when crafted by a professional. Our face serum contains carefully selected plant and flower extracts that we feel best benefit all skin types. Grapefruit lends a feeling of purity and balance, rosemary makes skin look revitalized and vibrant, clary sage visibly calms redness and irritation, lavender reduces the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration, and tea tree adds a strengthening sensation.

How to Use Face Serum for BestResults

An effective strategy for layering yourskincare products makes the most of each step and offers maximum results. Layerproducts from thinnest consistency to thickest.

After cleansing, apply toner or facial mist. Next up is face serum. It’s lighter than moisturizer, plus you want all of those powerful ingredients close to the skin. The best way to apply is by patting a dime-sized amount of serum on skin and gently pressing with fingertips. Allow serum to settle for a minute or two before applying moisturizer. For best face serum results, use both morning and night.

How to Get Maximum Benefits from Your Face Serum

Why are Some Serums so Expensive?

You can find face serums in pretty much everyprice bracket. Why are some so alarmingly pricey? Concentrated ingredients canbe expensive to use but we believe you (and your skin) should be able to enjoynatural ingredients and the benefits they carry without the sticker shock.That’s why we at Hynt craft high quality skincare and cosmetics that arereasonably priced. Better for you and your wallet.

Face serum is good for all skin types and isan ideal way to get clear, radiant, healthy looking skin. Try it out and seefor yourself.


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