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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows Every Time

How to get perfect eyebrows
perfect eyebrowsMaybe you haven’t heard the phrase eyebrows on fleek in a minute or two, but that doesn’t mean a solid brow game isn’t important. Strong, defined brows are always a major part of a beautiful makeup look. And that’s where are our newly formulated EyeBrow Definers come in, making it easy for you to get the look of perfect eyebrows.What’s up with our new Eyebrow Definers? This creamy, dreamy formula glides onto brows with the help of skin-loving natural oils jojoba and castor, has no waxy feel, and provides a smooth, silky, natural looking brow. It has a powdery finish that stays put, no smearing or smudging, and lasts all day. As always, our EyeBrow Definers are made with high quality natural ingredients and are free from those that we avoid.perfect eyebrowsIf you’ve struggled with brow products that are overly slick and difficult to control, you are in for a treat. Our EyeBrow Definers have a super smooth texture without being slippery or watery, and easy application means you are in total control. Plus, we are proud to offer a clean, gentle formula that doesn’t cause skin irritation or discomfort. These beauties truly are the answer to your gorgeous brow dreams.Our new Definers also come in a more compact size, making them ideal for stowing in your purse, gym bag, or carry-on. But the most exciting part? New, perfected shades! Whether you are looking to match your hair color or want a deeper, more intense hue, these beauties offer a color for everyone.Use EyeBrow Definers to plump up sparse looking brows, add depth of color, and create a super defined or natural brow look. They also look great paired with our selection of Eye Shadows.How to Get Perfect Eyebrows Every TimeChoosing EyeBrow Definer Shades for Your Most Perfect EyebrowsHow do you choose the best color for your brows? This is a commonly asked question, so here is a quick and easy breakdown on the hues for you. Yes, you’ll likely love more than one.Pearl *New*– Our lightest shade, it’s a soft and subtle tone designed for platinum, light blond, and grey hair colors. Best for those looking to match their light hair.Blonde – For a subdued, natural looking brow, this shade has cool undertones and works perfectly with all blonde hair colors.Taupe – Universally flattering and ultra versatile, this medium tone creates a more defined brow for lighter hair colors and matches lighter brown hair shades.Auburn *New* -- A warm, sultry brown, ideal for redheads and warm-toned brunettes.Espresso *New*– Our top seller, this bold, molten brown shade has neutral undertones to compliment most hair colors.Black *New* -- A super wearable, deeply hued color with a natural dark tone.How to Get Perfect Eyebrows Every TimeBest applied with our Duo Brow Spoolie Brush, use the angled brush end to create tiny, hair like strokes, filling in brows for a thicker look. The spoolie brush end makes taming brows a cinch. For a complete how-to on creating perfect eyebrows with our EyeBrow Definers, check out this video from our friend Ashley on her YouTube channel The Green Bunny.  How to Get Perfect Eyebrows Every TimeAll of our EyeBrow Definers are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients. Have questions? Please ask away!


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