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How to Make the Most of Face Mask Makeup and Beauty Right Now

How to make the most of face mask makeup and beauty

Ever think you’d be wearing a face mask on the daily? One thing that makes the regular donning of face garb more tolerable, other than the super cute mask selection out there, is that everyone is in the same boat right now. Masking up has become as commonplace as putting on your shoes or grabbing your handbag.

Even though wearing a face mask is the best way to avoid germs and protect others, you still want to look good and feel comfortable. And for most of us, makeup is an essential whether heading to class, work, or running errands.

If you feel a mask is hijacking your beauty routine, take heart. There are products and makeup tips that are simple and essential to looking and feeling good while wearing a face mask.

5 Simple and Effective Face Mask Makeup and Beauty Tips

If you’ve scoured Google for tips about makeup and beauty while wearing a face mask in public to no avail, prepare to be relieved. We have all of your concerns covered. Read on for handy strategies, best products, and perfect makeup and beauty tips for times when you need to sport a facial covering.

Mask makeup

1. Brow Power: As if you need yet another reason to perfect your brow game. The brows frame the face and are one area you can still play up when wearing a face mask. Be sure to choose the right brow shape for your face, stock up on brow definer in your shade, and get your technique down. An easy way to create a polished look.

2. The Eyes Have It: Show off your best feature when everything else is under wraps with a gorgeous eye makeup look. A minimal, high definition look is best, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with color. Choose a fun palette and step outside your comfort zone with warm and vibrant hues. Rich earth tones play up blue eyes, deep blues work well on brown eyes, and violet hues look amazing paired with green eyes.

Wearing a face mask in public

3. Brighten Those Peepers: You’ll feel more confident if your eyes look bright and well-rested. Start by patting concealer in the undereye area and set with powder. Next, line eyes with a black pencil to make whites appear brighter. Finish with a layer or two of black mascara to make eyes pop.

4. Keep Foundation in Place: One of the biggest face mask makeup issues is foundation transfer. The good news? You don’t have to go foundation-free when wearing a mask in public. The key is to set your foundation before you put on your mask. Begin by applying a primer to help makeup stay put. After applying foundation and concealer, set with pressed or loose powder to keep your look in place. Feel free to touch up as needed.

Tips about makeup and beauty

5. Prevent “Maskne”: Wash your mask regularly. Not only is this the most effective way to prevent getting and sharing germs, it also helps to quell breakouts, otherwise known as “maskne”. Simply use a mild cleanser to suds up your facial covering, rinse well, and allow to air dry. Stock up on cute and stylish masks to ensure you’re never left without a clean one.

You can look and feel good with your own signature style while wearing a face mask. Keep these makeup essentials in your beauty bag and our beauty tips in your back pocket for flawless face mask makeup looks.



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August 05, 2022

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