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Transfer-Proof your lipstick for masks

Hynt of the day: How to make your lipstick transfer-proof for face masks

Transfer-proof your lipstick for masks

Lexi loves lipstick, so she isn't going to let wearing a mask stop her from wearing her favorite shades. She is wearing Aria Pure lipstick in shade Bellini Nude and is giving us a step by step guide on how to make your lipstick transfer-proof for under your mask.

Wearing a mask has become part of our everyday routine, and there is a way to still sport your favorite lipstick without having it transfer. This works great whether you are going out to eat or to a socially distant event when there are times that you are able to remove your mask, or if you're a lipstick lover like Lexi, and still wear it everyday and need it to stay put while you are out running errands.

make your lipstick transfer-proof with these products

STEP 1: The first step to transfer proof lipstick is to apply your favorite shade of ARIA Pure lipstick.

STEP 2: Next you will need a tissue that you can pull apart to make it one ply. Place the tissue over your lips.

STEP 3: Using Hynt Beauty's Air Blender Brush, pick up some FINALE Finishing Powder and press onto tissue over lips using a dabbing motion.

STEP 4: Pull tissue away from your lips, and you are ready to go!

This process will help set the lip color in place, making the lipstick you applied look semi-matte. Now you can conquer the day, whatever it may bring, without thinking twice about whether or not you're lipstick smudged!


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