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Gift Ideas sure to WOW your Chic, Beautiful Mom

Mother's day gift ideas
Mothers always put their children first. It’s a Mom thing. They’re not likely to splurge on beauty products or non-essentials for themselves, which makes Mother’s Day the perfect time to spoil her. To help you do just that, I’ve put together a list of my top 6 gifts that will make Mom feel special and show how grateful you are for everything she’s done for you. And, since my children can both read now, they’ll get a copy of this in their lunch boxes…
1. Hynt Beauty LUMIERE Radiance Boosting Powder
Gift Ideas sure to WOW your Chic, Beautiful Mom
This award-winning loose powder is the fastest and easiest way to achieving a look of natural, youthful glow. It’s more than just a highlighter: it visibly blurs imperfections to create an airbrushed look, and imparts a youthful appearance that looks lit-from-within. I dust it over my cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose and even eyelids. You can also use it on the body, either alone or mixed with lotion, for a subtly sexy glow. It’s so finely milled and silky that it blends seamlessly onto the skin and never looks shiny or sparkly.
What’s more, it’s made with antioxidant-rich natural ingredients and botanical oils to offer a feeling of protection and soothing to skin throughout the day.
A perfect companion to LUMIERE is Hynt’s light-as-air Air Blender Brush ($25) that makes it easy to apply and blend any powder. Together with LUMIERE, It’s like gifting Mom her very own fairy wand and beauty dust. What better way to make up for all the worrying and sleepless nights? / 0.28oz $70)
2. Mother and Child, by Claiborne Swanson Frank
Gift Ideas sure to WOW your Chic, Beautiful Mom
This latest work by author and Vogue photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank is a visually arresting homage to motherhood. It’s a gorgeous coffee table book that explores what modern motherhood means in the 21st century, showcasing seventy iconic families of mothers and children from celebrated names like Carolina Herrera, Aerin Lauder and Patti Hansen, to name a few. Complementing the images is a series of questions-and-answers, in which Swanson Frank asks each mother to express what being a mother truly means to them.
Oh - and it will look absolutely stunning on Mom’s coffee table. ($85)
3. Photo Books
Gift Ideas sure to WOW your Chic, Beautiful Mom
Soon after my second child was born, I started a tradition of gifting my parents, in-laws and grandparents with photo books. It solved the question of what to get them for holidays and birthdays, and forced me to actually print photos! In this digital age we have more photos than ever before, but, at the same time and as a result of this sheer volume, we print less of them than ever.
Which means that Mom likely doesn’t have too many recent photos printed either. So imagine her sheer joy when she unwraps a photo book (or two, or three…) and sees how much time and thought you put into her gift. Whether you compile old family photos, photos of your own children, or favorite images of you and Mom, this will be one of the most personal and touching ways to show how much you love her.
Photo books are available at various online retailers, including and 
4. Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolates
Gift Ideas sure to WOW your Chic, Beautiful Mom
The name says it all. These chocolates are vegan, non-GMO, ethically sourced and packed with superfoods. There are seven flavors to choose from: Beauty, Energy, Femininity, Focus, Love, Recharge and Tranquility. They’re never heated above 118° to protect the integrity of the nutrients, and sweetened with birch xylitol and non-bitter organic stevia extract.  So they’re sugar-free without resorting to artificial sweeteners. Mom loves chocolate as much as every woman does, and these are both guilt-free and satisfying. (1.7oz/box $7.75)
5. Hynt Beauty Makeup Brushes
Gift Ideas sure to WOW your Chic, Beautiful Mom
From left to right: Contour Sponge Blender ($15), Concealer Brush ($22), Shadow Blender Brush ($23), Smudger Brush ($20), Duo Liner Brow Brush ($20), Air Blender Brush ($25), Flat Top Foundation Brush ($28), and Flawless Blending Sponge ($8).
Chances are Mom’s makeup brush collection could use an upgrade. Using high quality brushes, and having the right ones for specific products and looks, make the difference between an average makeup job and a polished one. A set of beautifully made brushes would be something Mom likely wouldn't buy for herself but would be thrilled to receive.
My absolute favorites are Hynt Beauty’s hardworking brushes and sponges. Think super soft, cruelty-free Japanese Taklon synthetic bristles and handles handmade from sustainable wood. The carefully curated collection includes the essential brushes every woman needs.
Choose the ones you know Mom needs, or gift her all of them for a fresh start to her makeup bag (at these price points, why not?). There’s just one downside: unlike when you were little, she’s not going to let you touch these ones!
6. Sherrieblossom Cosmetics Organizer
Gift Ideas sure to WOW your Chic, Beautiful Mom
Above: my Sherrieblossom Icebox Wide
This is what you get Mom if you’re feeling very generous. Or vying for Favorite Child status. These high-quality, clear lucite organizers look stunning on your bathroom counter and make your beauty routine much more efficient. They store makeup, brushes, nail polishes, smaller skincare products and even jewelry. Didn’t Mom always tell you that everything has its place? (Little London $335 / Icebox Skinny or Icebox Wide $440)
Gift Ideas sure to WOW your Chic, Beautiful MomSonia Keuroghlian is a corporate attorney turned green beauty and wellness influencer. She is the founder of KEU (, a one-stop green beauty and wellness resource to help detoxify and optimize your beauty and wellness regimes with safer products, all without compromising performance. Sonia's perspective is that of a mom looking to fit her beauty and wellness routines within the demands of a busy family and work life. Combining her love of green beauty, passion for wellness, and fine-tuned analytical and research skills, Sonia educates and shares her green knowledge through her blog, workshops, speaking appearances, brand partnerships and live shows on the YouCam Makeup App. Sonia splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, and lives with her husband, son and daughter.


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