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Hynt Beauty's Natural Beauty Retail Partners Edition #1: Brick-and-Mortar

Natural, green skincare and beauty
[caption id="attachment_12823" align="alignnone" width="975"]Hynt Beauty's Natural Beauty Retail Partners Edition #1: Brick-and-Mortar The Detox Market Union Station Store in Toronto[/caption] When natural beauty started to become more popular over a decade ago, the best places to shop a wider selection were online. Now, as green beauty websites abound, we have many e-commerce partners that we adore. But, we don’t want you to miss out on a thing so, would love to introduce you to a handful of our brick-and-mortar partners (which means there’s an actual physical store) from different parts of the world. These stores are using their local presence to offer their customers an entirely new, high-touch experience that’s hard to mimic through the screen. Here at Hynt Beauty we are extremely proud of our retailers. As with our carefully constructed product formulations, we take great care in selecting our partnerships and value businesses whose ethos align with ours. That said, everyone is different. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! Each of our retail partners puts their own unique mark on the green beauty world. [caption id="attachment_12824" align="alignnone" width="945"]Hynt Beauty's Natural Beauty Retail Partners Edition #1: Brick-and-Mortar The Airy Treatment Room at Poppy & Monroe[/caption] So, as the first in our series of partner spotlights, we asked some of our brick-and-mortar partners from around the world how they create the ultimate customer experience  and what they do to cater to the way people like to shop in their area. Featured are: Poppy & Monroe, Naturelle Shop, Glow Organic, and The Detox Market. We encourage you to stop into your local shop and get in on the goodness! 5 Ways Our Retail Partners Create an Unbelievable Customer Experience
  1. Presenting an Authentic Vibe
There’s nothing like stepping into a shop dedicated solely to natural beauty. It beats department store beauty shopping, hands down. Not only is it more fun to shop these one-of-a-kind spots, but you get to learn more about the staff too. “We meet [our customers] always one-to-one and devote time to them,” said Tuomas Salla of Naturelle. “This seems to make a real difference.” [caption id="attachment_12825" align="alignnone" width="975"]Hynt Beauty's Natural Beauty Retail Partners Edition #1: Brick-and-Mortar The Naturelle Boutique in Helsinki, Finland[/caption] Or take Poppy & Monroe, located in the vibrant Germantown neighborhood of Nashville. “We love that our salon is located in a restored 1870s row house that we transformed into an indie beauty boutique and salon,” said Co-founder Karen Kops. “When you walk in it truly feels like home.” Individualized beauty shops get to share their own personality with customers too. “Each of our stores in the U.S. and Canada are uniquely designed,” said The Detox Market Marketing Director Laura Townsend. “You'll always know you are in a Detox Market store, but each will have its own special flare.”
  1. Offering In-House Treatments and Services
If you love green cosmetics, stepping into one of these shops is a fantasy come true. Not only are they focused on the best in natural beauty offerings, but you can get the full experience of a product before you buy. In-house services and skincare treatments are at the helm of many brick-and-mortar beauty shops. [caption id="attachment_12826" align="alignnone" width="975"]Hynt Beauty's Natural Beauty Retail Partners Edition #1: Brick-and-Mortar A Private Appointment with Mel, the owner of Glow Organic near Brighton, UK[/caption] Poppy & Monroe not only sells beautiful products but is a full service skin, makeup, and nail salon. “We truly take interest in each client's individual needs,” said Karen. “Listening and hearing what our clients have to say helps create these connections.” These types of services help customers to hone in on the right products and also allows shop staff to better serve their clientele. As Glow Organic Founder Mel Jenkinson said, “We offer a one-to-one, appointment-only service in our studio in Brighton, England. This way we can really get to know our customers and take the time to help them find the perfect products.”
  1. Hosting Events
Hosting regular in-store events is a great way for customers to get to know beauty brands and the businesses who sell them, and feature other local businesses to create a sense of community. [caption id="attachment_12827" align="alignnone" width="975"]Hynt Beauty's Natural Beauty Retail Partners Edition #1: Brick-and-Mortar Hynt Beauty Event with Meryl at Naturelle in Finland[/caption] Naturelle Pro Beauty holds launch parties and events, like masterclasses and giveaways, at least once each month in their community in Tuusula, Finland. “We focus heavily on customer service, which separates us from our competitors,” said Tuomas. The Detox Market also hosts regular events at their stores. “We offer a wide variety of mini consults, masterclasses, panel discussions, meet the maker opportunities, and much more,” said Laura.
  1. Employing & Training Knowledgeable Staff
Going straight to a trained expert is one of the best ways to ensure you are purchasing the perfect products for your skin. And our partners are well aware of this, putting their staff through extensive training on technique and the brands they carry. “It's important to us that our clients can try the products they are buying before they purchase to ensure they are right for them,” said Karen of Poppy & Monroe. “We pride ourself on being able to educate our clients on the products they are using which is made possible by having in-house experts always on staff.” [caption id="attachment_12828" align="alignnone" width="975"]Hynt Beauty's Natural Beauty Retail Partners Edition #1: Brick-and-Mortar The Close Knit Staff at Poppy & Monroe on Halloween[/caption] “Along with offering weekly in store events, our team of experts consist of wellness professionals and makeup artists who are ready to educate and share their love of green beauty,” said Laura of The Detox Market. “We also have our beauty services – one on one custom appointments with our makeup artists who spend time with clients providing tailored recommendations.”
  1. Happenings for the Holidays
Yes, it’s almost that time of year again. And what’s more fun than getting in on local goings on? If you are near Nashville on November 17th, stop into Poppy & Monroe where they’ll be hosting a Holiday Open House in their courtyard. The perfect opportunity to get a head start on holiday shopping and support other small businesses in the area. Follow along on their Instagram @poppyandmonroe for more details to come. [caption id="attachment_12829" align="alignnone" width="975"]Hynt Beauty's Natural Beauty Retail Partners Edition #1: Brick-and-Mortar A Cocktail Event at The Detox Market's second store in Toronto in Yorkville[/caption] Find a Detox Market shop near you during the season, as they will be showcasing gift sets and hosting store events for the holidays. In Canada? Their Toronto flagship store will be relocating in January, so stay tuned for details by following them on Instagram @thedetoxmarketcanada.


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