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Sonia's go-to cold weather lipstick color when not wearing Holiday Party red

woman applying dark red lipstick
Sonia's go-to cold weather lipstick color when not wearing Holiday Party red
Theres no turning back, we're now well into the Holiday season and most of the leaves have fallen. Sure, switching wardrobes from summer to winter is more or less mindless. Boots instead of sandals, take out the tights, swap denim shorts to jeans, done. But have you updated your go-to makeup look yet? Or are you still sporting that golden, nude or light pink shade of lip gloss? Which colors hint "hot chocolate" and "cashmere sweater" and not bold bright red like, "Holiday parties here I come!?"
Enter Hynt Beauty’s newest ARIA PURE Lipstick color in Tierra Blush. Its a sophisticated, universally flattering shade of pinkish brown nude that has the warmth and creamy richness of everything you associate with romantic dinners by the fireplace or bundling up in a cozy pull-over to rake leaves.
Sonia's go-to cold weather lipstick color when not wearing Holiday Party red
Why I love it!
Like all of Hynts ARIA lipsticks, it's luxuriously creamy, richly pigmented and gives medium-to-full buildable coverage. Tierra Blush is appropriately more pigmented than some of their lighter shades like Bellini Nude but the color is still sheer and soft enough to use all year-round. And it has Hynt's signature case: there's a small mirror and a lip conditioner hidden in the cap to make on-the-go applications hassle-free and perfect. How ingenious is that?
Why I love the ingredients...
   •    Hynt's ARIA PURE Lipsticks have a patented 100{97670b28961483d4d20f4b24a0c23fa72e4f9356946e2f3433625d93de7d7130} GMO-free plant-based complex that boosts water absorption and hydration levels by 25{97670b28961483d4d20f4b24a0c23fa72e4f9356946e2f3433625d93de7d7130} across the lip's three epidermis layers.
  •   Designed with natural and organic ingredients that lend a nourishing feel to delicate skin: Hynt's lipsticks are vegan, made with natural and organic ingredients, non-GMO, gluten free, nut and sesame oil free, non-comedogenic, and free of petrochemicals, parabens and silicones. So when my five year-old daughter gets her hands on my Tierra Blush, as she inevitably does on all my makeup, I don’t worry about the ingredients she might be absorbing.
Sonia's go-to cold weather lipstick color when not wearing Holiday Party red
  •   The preservative system is natural and the products are cruelty-free. What's more, Hynt does not use bismuth oxychloride, talc, FD&C dyes, phthalates or mineral oils.
   •   As soon as you swipe it on you can feel how the formula pampers your lips. The secret is a blend of organic oils (castor seed oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil) that deliver a soothing feel and moisturize for a plumped and richly pigmented finish.
As unique as your own lips...
Tierra Blush looks surprisingly different on varying skin tones, depending on your natural lip color and complexion. On me its more red than pink - a pinkish red. On other people it looks more brownish pink. You won’t know exactly how it will look on you until you try it on, which is why I love that Hynt Beauty’s sample program allows you to try a shade before committing to a full size lipstick. You can order samples  of any of their lipstick shades for $3 each, with free shipping on orders of $12 or more. To give you an idea of what Tierra Blush looks like, picture Rouge Dior Lipstick in Promenade, MAC Satin Lipstick in Retro, or Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Pigalle. Although Tierra Blush is similar to each of these in color, in texture it has a more creamy, cushiony finish than both the MAC and Nars lipsticks. And in terms of ingredients? You guessed it - totally different: it’s made with natural ingredients which are organic whenever possible (remember Why I Love the Ingredients above?).
So how does this shade work for my complexion? Well, I have fair skin with olive undertones, and for daytime I usually wear soft pink lip shades (anything bolder tends to overpower my face and make me look pale). So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Tierra Blush for a late morning meeting: yes it’s on the bold side on me, but the brown undertones make it entirely wearable in daylight. It’s a neutral bold that makes me look put together and polished but doesn’t scream “I’m wearing lipstick!”.
Sonia's go-to cold weather lipstick color when not wearing Holiday Party red
How it looks on me.
The chameleon-like nature of this shade makes it fun to play with and gives it an exciting unpredictability. And it lasts a long time, which is surprising given how moisturizing it is. I swiped it on in the morning, and after two cups of coffee and endless water chugging it was still there at the end of the day. Not all of it of course, but enough that I didn’t really need to reapply.
Sonia's go-to cold weather lipstick color when not wearing Holiday Party red
For my look in this post, I built up the color with a few layers of Tierra Blush using a lip brush (but no lip liner) and paired it with a clean liquid-lined cat-eye. The shade is super versatile: you can create a neutral everyday look by applying it sheer and adding some gloss, or a bolder look by building it up and pairing it with dramatic eyes. For daytime I like to apply Hynt Beauty’s Libre Lipgloss in Pearly Rose Pink on top of a sheer application of Tierra Blush to soften the color. The gloss also creates the illusion of fuller lips.
When you try it on, make sure to post a photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags @hyntbeauty and #TierraBlush to show us how the shade looks on YOU!
Sonia's go-to cold weather lipstick color when not wearing Holiday Party redSonia Keuroghlian is a corporate attorney turned green beauty and wellness influencer. She is the founder of KEU (, a one-stop green beauty and wellness resource to help detoxify and optimize your beauty and wellness regimes with safer products, all without compromising performance. Sonia's perspective is that of a mom looking to fit her beauty and wellness routines within the demands of a busy family and work life. Combining her love of green beauty, passion for wellness, and fine-tuned analytical and research skills, Sonia educates and shares her green knowledge through her blog, workshops, speaking appearances, brand partnerships and live shows on the YouCam Makeup App. Sonia splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, and lives with her husband, son and daughter.


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