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What are some Clean Beauty Myths and Facts?

What are some Clean Beauty Myths and Facts?

At Hynt Beauty, we want to point out how clean beauty/green beauty brands actually stand apart from conventional brands.  In order for you to effectively navigate the world of clean beauty, below are some common clean beauty myths, as well as some additional facts that may cause you to question the validity of those very same myths.

Myth: Clean Beauty Products Don't Perform as Well as Conventional Products

FactHynt Beauty makes use of state of the art and clinically tested ingredient complexes by infusing them into their formulations.  For example, our best-selling FLYRT Mascara uses Widelash™ Eyelash Growth Serum.  This patented tri-peptide ingredient is clinically tested to visibly strengthen and lengthen. eyelashes.

Hynt Beauty FLYRT Mascara

FLYRT Mascara

Myth:  All Chemicals in Beauty Products Are Harmful

Fact: Not all chemicals are harmful. The key is to identify a rather long list of potentially harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates that can potentially cause skin irritation or have long-term health effects.

Nothing is truly "chemical-free," as everything is made up of chemicals. Even water (H2O) is a chemical compound. The term "chemical-free" in marketing is misleading and oversimplifies the concept. There is a long list of synthetic ingredients that are tested and completely safe as well as effective.

There are various apps that you can access to identify ingredient safety levels.  However, be cautious when using apps such as “Think Dirty” and “EWG’s Skin Deep Database”, as they are “pay to play” sites.  On these sites, a brand pays to have their products listed and, thus, may compromise the validity of the score.  More importantly, these sites do not take the percentage of each ingredient into account when assigning a product safety score.


Myth: Labels Always Reflect a Product's Cleanliness

Fact: Labeling regulations can be complex, and some terms like "natural" and "organic" are not always well-defined or regulated. It's important to read ingredient lists and research brands to ensure their claims align with your definition of clean beauty.

It’s important to note that our co-founder, Meryl Marshall takes her ingredient research very seriously. She has a long blacklist of ingredients that she will not allow to go into the Hynt Beauty product line.

We recommend downloading the Apple Switch Natural App. This handy tool is made available by clean beauty expert and Hynt Affiliate, Andrea Dahr. Using the App, all you have to do is scan a list of ingredients and the potentially harmful ones are highlighted so that you can do your own research.

Switch Natural App


Myth: Natural Ingredients Are Always Safe

Fact: While natural ingredients can be beneficial, not all natural ingredients are safe for everyone. Think about it – arsenic is natural but we don’t want that in our products. Some people might be allergic or sensitive to certain natural compounds, just as they can be to synthetic ones. Patch testing and understanding individual sensitivities are crucial.

A natural preservative such as phenoxyethanol is often used in lieu of parabens, however, we choose not to use this since many are allergic to this alternative.  We feel that using a product with this ingredient is not unsafe, however, the layering use of different products containing the ingredient will increase its percentage and, thereby, may cause skin reactions.


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