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What are some Clean Beauty Myths and Facts? Part two

What are some Clean Beauty Myths and Facts? Part two

Myth: Clean Beauty Is Just a Trend

Fact: Clean beauty is more than just a trend; it's part of a broader shift toward wellness and conscious consumerism. As consumers become more informed about their choices, the demand for cleaner, safer beauty products is likely to continue.

Many huge, conventional brands have been “copying” indie brands for quite some time now. The truth is that while these cleaner version products that they churn out are most likely better than their traditional lines. However, they are still geared towards mass market production, so the attention to a more holistic beauty product can never be achieved.

At Hynt Beauty, we craft our organic skincare in smaller batches with love. Our bestselling Sun Prep SPF Broad Spectrum SPF25 is a holy grail skincare product as it is lightweight, has no white cast, is moisturizing and smells fantastic! Made without synthetic fragrance, it is infused with botanical ingredients such as pine bark extract, organic sesame seed oil, organic aloe vera leaf, organic green tea leaf and organic rhatany root extract, which is thought to help boost the efficacy of sun protection.


Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum & Sun Prep SPF25

Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum & Sun Prep SPF25


Myth: Clean Beauty Products Have a Longer Shelf Life

Fact: Natural and organic ingredients can have shorter shelf lives due to the absence of strong synthetic preservatives commonly found in conventional products. Always check the product's recommended usage period and storage instructions. At Hynt Beauty we strive to make our products in smaller batches, so that you are assured of freshness. All our products are tested for stability and preservative efficacy.


Myth: Clean Beauty Is Only About Ingredients

Fact: Clean beauty encompasses more than just ingredients. It can also involve ethical sourcing, sustainable packaging, cruelty-free practices, vegan skincare, and a commitment to overall transparency.

Hynt Beauty is committed to giving back and supporting causes that are meaningful to our brand, mission, and our community.

Just a few organizations close to Hynt’s hearts

Just a few organizations close to Hynt’s hearts

Remember to critically evaluate information and claims, and be sure to consider your own skin type, sensitivities, and preferences when making decisions about clean beauty products.

Myth: Clean Beauty Products Are Always Expensive

Fact: While some clean beauty products might be more expensive due to factors like high-quality ingredients or sustainable sourcing, there are also affordable options available. The price range in the clean beauty market can be similar to that of conventional beauty products.

At Hynt Beauty, we offer a loyalty points program as well as offer promotions and gift with purchase throughout the year. We do our best to buy reasonably priced packaging and ingredients which helps keep our costs down and maintain our prices to be competitive. 


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