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Zodiac Sign Makeup for the Best Holiday Gifts Ever!

Zodiac gift guide

What to get that someone on your list who has everything? It’s the annual dilemma and this year we have the solution!

That hard-to-gift recipient may have every item of clothing, jewelry, or self-care item their heart desires, but one thing they probably don’t have is a zodiac-inspired makeup essential that aligns with the stars. Show you know and love them with organic toxin free makeup picks that are backed by astrology.

Zodiac Sign Makeup Gifts: What to Buy From A(ries) to V(irgo)

aries zodiac sign makeup

Aries – The first sign of the zodiac, the ram loves attention and doesn’t mind being the star of the show. Give the fire sign in your life something vibrant that allows them to show herself off. Aria Lipstick Red Fervor is lit enough to keep any Aries feeling like a celebrity.

taurus zodiac sign makeup

Taurus – The bull loves the romantic and the luxurious so, they probably already own many of the finer things in life. Total indulgence is called for when shopping for a Taurus. Essential Vibes Essential Makeup Set offers elegant simplicity that allows this earth sign to go from au naturale to absolutely radiant with ease.

scorpio zodiac sign makeup

Scorpio – Highly intense and powerful, Scorpio loves the dark side. Think moody hues and shadowy vibes for this water sign. Sweet Midnight Eye Shadow Palette gives an intense, earthy look any scorpion will adore. 

sagittarius zodiac sign makeup

Sagittarius – Always ready for the next adventure, free-spirited Sagittarius loves to try new things. This fire sign will feel seen and heard when you gift them Asbury Shore Resort Set to align with their vacation-ready vibe and make packing for their next trip a snap. 

libra zodiac sign makeup

Libra – Beauty, love, and a sweet personality are the defining qualities of this air sign. Libra loves balance, their symbol is the scales, after all. Which makes LUMIERE Radiance Boosting Powder a gift they’ll adore for a feeling of skin balance with the added bonus of a beautiful glow.

cancer zodiac sign makeup

Cancer – Intuitive, nurturing, and sensitive, Cancer is so busy caring for others she often forgets to take care of herself. Cancers likely own tons of fuzzy blankets and comfy pillows for their favorite place … home! Gift this water sign with a feel-good item that lets them know you care. A selection of soft, luxuriant, vegan makeup brushes, wrapped in beautiful paper and a silky ribbon, will nurture the soul of the crab in your life. 

gemini zodiac sign makeup

Gemini – The original gossip girl, Gemini loves to chat and keeps her finger on the pulse of current trends. This sign’s symbol is the twins, which means she can go from outdoorsy to super feminine in a flash. A sweet multi-tasking beauty pick is perfect for this air sign. Aria Pure Lipstick in Peonies Please delivers a pop of brilliant color when Gemini is feeling vibrant and comes with a hidden lip balm for more down-to-earth times.

aquarius zodiac sign makeup

Aquarius – Original and a little bit eccentric, Aquarius can rock a boho vibe or a down-to-earth look. Give them both with Sweet Sahara Eye Shadow Palette and this air sign can create both neutral and whimsical looks.

virgo zodiac sign makeup

Virgo – Analytical and meticulous, Virgo is a thinker and doesn’t miss a beat. This do-it-yourself Earth sign loves everything in its place. Which makes the skin perfecting essentials in Discovery Kit the perfect gift for the ever-persnickety Virgo.

leo zodiac sign makeup

Leo – The lion is dramatic, bold, and born to lead. While they certainly don’t shun the spotlight, Leos are also good at handing out praise to others. Give the gift of Suite Eye Shadow Palette in Sweet Nectar for this fire sign and show them they truly are the queen.

capricorn zodiac sign makeup

Capricorn – Contemplative and wise, this earth sign is a hard-worker that doesn’t mind waiting for their efforts to pay off. Give the Cap in your life a break with Bronzing Powder. The reward of healthy-looking skin that they don’t have to earn. 

pisces zodiac sign makeup

Pisces – Imaginative and mysterious Pisces loves the arts and is a compassionate soul. Suite Eye Shadow Palette in Sweet Mulberry offers a sophisticated, feminine vibe. Just right for this water sign to create looks that are both subtle and intriguing.


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