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Glowing BeetsThe Hynt Beauty Team: Craig Marshall, co-founder, Meryl Marshall, co-founder, Emi Kamiya, VP of Marketing and Leann Somes, Creative Director.October is breast cancer awareness month and we’re honored to share Meryl, Co-Founder of Hynt Beauty and breast cancer survivor’s inspirational journey.As a breast cancer survivor, Meryl donates to many cancer related charities. This month Hynt Beauty have contributed product to where celebrity makeup artist, Merrady Wickes will instruct makeup tips to 40 women that are in treatment.Hynt Beauty will also contribute 10{97670b28961483d4d20f4b24a0c23fa72e4f9356946e2f3433625d93de7d7130} of their October lipstick sales to a cancer charity.Meryl’s philosophy regarding being a survivor is the following: Remember to walk with your head high, remain positive & resilient, conduct yourself with dignity, indulge yourself and surround yourself with those that truly love you. Do all that you can to live a healthy lifestyle which includes making better choices in the products you use, the food you eat, exercise and stress reduction.Tell us a little about yourself.My name is Meryl Marshall and I am the co-founder of Hynt Beauty. I am a breast cancer survivor and proud to say that I am now celebrating my 11th cancerversary. I live a clean and healthy lifestyle, incorporating better choices for my family, my home as well as myself.I was devastated when I received my diagnosis and began my journey of questioning all of the products that I used to clean my home, treat our lawn and garden, food choices as well as health and beauty products. Hynt Beauty was eventually born to provide organic based and vegan beauty products that can be trusted and loved.My husband Craig and I put our passion into our business and truly love the interaction we have with our customers. We also enjoy working with our dynamic, creative team that keeps Hynt humming soundly.Hynt Beauty prides itself in quality natural ingredients, how do you source your ingredients?When I work with my cosmetic chemist on new products, we adhere to Hynt’s long blacklist of ingredients that are forbidden. All ingredients that are chosen are fully researched so that we know all of the by-product ingredients. We disclose everything.Your 5 minute makeup must haves?I am a big believer in taking good care of the skin and that begins with good skincare. I always wear my Sun Prep that is a makeup primer, moisturizer and SPF30.During a typical crazy long day, I do not wear much makeup. I apply our concealer exactly where I need a bit of coverage and my Finale Finishing Powder on top with a swish of a neutral blush.After chemo, my lashes and brows did not grow back completely so my main makeup must have is our stay on all day Cream to Powder Eyebrow Definer. I strongly rely on our Nocturne Mascara that thickens, lengthens and curls my short lashes. I love how thisproduct doesn’t smudge. When I have an extra minute, I apply our Forte Eyeliner Pencil in brown. I really keep it simple. Oh and lipstick. Some women love shoes….I always loved my lipstick collection-now it’s just healthy lipstick.This Fall/winter makeup trends?Several trends are peach lids, less contouring, more luminous skin. We are launching our Fall SUITE Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Nectar. This collection is so fresh looking and our Luminere Radiance Booster will provide the perfect highlights. The berry stained fall look may be obtained by using our Aria Pure Lipstick in Shiraz. Incidentally, this product just won the prestigious ICMAD City Awards Cosmetic Innovator Award.Any beauty secret(s) you can share with us?Protect your skin with a natural SPF. Wear a hat and sunglasses in the sun. Hyperpigmentation is difficult to treat. Go for regular facials. Use good quality natural skincare products. Do not use animal hair brushes. They are abrasive to the skin.I have seen women buffing their skin with their beauty implements and their skin appears to be irritated and scarred. Remove your makeup, cleanse and moisturize every night. Drink plenty of water. Treat your skin kindly.What can we look forward to with Hynt Beauty(new projects or direction)?We will be adding a few new eyeshadow palettes, two new lipstick colors and a moisturizer. We are continually trying to improve our packaging sources. I am working hard to secure US manufacturers that can make the same cosmetic packaging that we currently purchase overseas.Most of our packaging is recyclable like the proper safer plastics, and glass. Eventually a refill program for certain products will be incorporated into the line. We minimize the amount of printing we do in the office and use biodegradable paper when we do. We even use biodegradable green line plastic bags for our sample program. We are constantly looking to improve Hynt Beauty to be trusted and loved.Glowing Beets


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