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People are raving about this botanical-infused concealer for calming their cystic acne

Hynt Duet Concealer

When an already angry-looking spot starts to rise, slap bang in the centre of your face, the last thing you want to do is aggravate it further.

That's why we're warned against pimple popping - bacteria transferred from our fingertips is only going to make the situation worse. Instead, we're told to dab on a spot treatment, let the blemish breathe and allow the soothing, exfoliating and oil-absorbing ingredients to do their thing.

Now, if you're willing to head outside with a great whopping boil on show (at this point, shining bright with skincare), then kudos to you. But we for one would rather cover that skintruder up. Problem is, our spot situation starts to spiral the moment our go-to concealer is doubled up as pimple paint. Probably because it's made to cover up dark circles.

Adding the balancing, calming benefits of avocado oil and anti-inflammatory aloe vera leaf into the mix, Hynt Beauty The Duet Perfecting Concealer, £24 is one product that actually calms while covering, according to reviewers of the product.

People are raving about this botanical-infused concealer for calming their cystic acne

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