Our loyalty program

Our loyalty program is our way of showing our appreciation for all the support and trust you and our customers have instilled in Hynt Beauty. The Hynt loyalty program works so that with every purchase, you are automatically gaining points that can be applied to your future orders.

How it works

Every $1 spent is considered 5 Loyalty Points.
For example: if you spend $100 on our site, you will receive 500 points.

Every 100 points is $1 off your purchase.
For example: if you have 500 points, it’s $5 off your next order.

There is no minimum amount of points you need to start using them toward your next purchase. Or, you can save them up for future use. There is no expiration to use your points.
How it works

How to use the points

To use your loyalty points, you must first have an active account with Hynt Beauty, you then will look for the Rewards icon on lower left side of the website. It looks like a present box. You click this icon, and it will show you the options available to Redeem Your Rewards, and also how to Earn Rewards, and you will also see your rewards balance.
If you use points for an order, you will only gain points on the final amount paid after the loyalty points have been applied. Create an account / Login