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Best Natural Beauty Concealers

cream concealer

Ok, you asked for this best natural beauty concealers post!  I’ve been working on this post for a while, excited to finally share.  I get this question several times a week.

What are the best natural beauty concealers?

I get it, I once was there too.  The thing is everyone looks for different things in their concealer.  Some want an under eye concealer and some want to hide imperfections.

And yes, under eye concealers are a lot different than a concealer you want to use to cover your zit- just sayin’.  I mean you can use a lot of under eye concealers on your face too but you probably don’t want to use a lot of your heavy concealers under your eyes.

So I’m outlining my absolute favorites in natural beauty.  What they’re best at when concealing and how I use them.

Consider yourself checked into concealer school!  Let’s dive into the best natural beauty concealers.

Concealer Tips:

  • You can use most concealers as an eye primer too!  Just apply this on top of your eyelid before eye shadow.  It helps to make your eyeshadow pop, plus gives your eyeshadow something to adhere to so it stands out.
  • Use a concealer to highlight your face.  Apply concealer where you would naturally use a highlighter.
  • Use on the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear brighter and pop.  Also, helps to make them look less tired.
  • If you’re goal is to cover under eye dark circles then make an upside down triangle under your eye area with your concealer.  This will help brighten your whole face.
  • Always apply your foundation first, then your concealer.
  • Highlight under your brows with concealer.  This helps bring your eye area up- it’s an instant eye lift!
  • Orange or pink concealer cancels out dark circles.
  • If using your finger to apply concealer, use your ring finger which has the least amount of muscles.
  • Green concealer is for blemishes and red spots.
  • Yellow concealer is for evening out skin tone.
  • If you’re concealer tends to look cakey, blot with a tissue under the eye area to soak up excess oil.
  • Apply a translucent powder after you apply under eye concealer to help set it and take away oil.  This also helps your eye area to look more awake and not tired or drab.
  • If you mess up on your eyeliner, use some concealer to hide mistakes.
  • Use concealer to help prevent bleeding lipstick.
  • Use concealer to help cancel out redness before applying a lipstick.  This helps you to achieve the true lipstick color.
  • Want to create you’re own tinted moisturizer?  Mix your concealer with some lotion and rub together!
  • Your concealer for your under eye area should be one shade lighter than your foundation.  But not too light where it looks drastically different.

Concealers For Skin Type:

Not all concealers work for every skin type.  I’m going to outline below which I would recommend depending on age, and skin type.

  • Dry Skin- I have dry skin and definitely lean towards a liquid concealer because of the dewiness it adds and the hydration.  It doesn’t look cakey or heavy on my skin like a more opaque formula.  That being said I do prefer a little more opaqueness and creamy texture for covering hyperpigmentation. My favorites for dry skin are, Kosas RevealerIlia True Skin Serum ConcealerFitglow  Conceal + for hyperpigmentation and blemishes, and Clove and Hallow Concealer.  RMS Beauty would be great too.
  • Combination Skin- Your skin might feel pretty normal overall but at times get a little oily in the t-zone. That being considered, I would recommend Fitglow Conceal +Ilia True Skin Serum ConcealerClove and Hallow Concealer, and Hynt Beauty Concealer.  I think the Kosas Revealer would work too, but you would probably want to set it with a translucent powder to cut down any shine.
  • Oily Skin- If you have oily skin I would recommend Ilia’s True Skin Serum Concealer.  It has really low, if any comedogenic ingredients for most people and still dries to a demi-matte so it’s not adding a ton of shine.  I also like Hynt Beauty, since it dries to a matte texture as well.  Fitglow Conceal + is also a great option since it dries to a matte finish.
  • Mature Skin- If you have mature skin I would recommend first to make sure you use a moisturizer under the eye area.  You don’t want it to be dry.  Also, choose a concealer that is hydrating and lightweight.  If you choose to heavy of a concealer you’re going to get a crepey/cakey look.  Which is only going to accentuate the fine lines.  I really like W3ll People’s Concealer super hydrating and not too heavy.  I also would recommend RMS Beauty Un Coverup– this turns very creamy as you work with it on your fingers, very dewy looking. Beautycounter’s Concealer is another great one for under the eye area.  I also would recommend Kosas Revealer, since it’s going to add brightness and give hydration.  Last tip, use a primer under the eye area too.  This is going to fill in any fine lines and really help keep your concealer from moving around and getting into the fine lines.  Make sure you set your foundation with a translucent powder.  Finally don’t cake on your products and don’t apply a lot of concealer near crow’s feet.  Most people don’t have discoloration there, and the concealer tends to get into the fine lines easier there.  Stick to applying concealer where you have the bulk of your discoloration which is closer to your eye area. Less is more as you age.

Ok, I’m not going to make you wait any longer- here are the best natural beauty concealers!

Best Natural Beauty Concealers:

Best Natural Beauty Concealers
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Hynt Beauty Concealer-

Concealer Type- This is a cream concealer.

Packaging- It comes in a glass jar.

Formula- The formula is solid in the jar but when you touch it the product instantly melts onto your fingers making it easy to spread and use. It is opaque more, even though it does feel lightweight.

How Does It Wear- The concealer lasts all day and really looks great after a day’s wear

What Is It Good For- This is great for covering blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and redness.  I like how it offers good coverage but isn’t too heavy.  I don’t like it under the eyes.  I find it looks a little cakey and heavy.  This is the best concealer for really getting some good coverage on the blemishes.  You can really build the coverage as you go.

Comedogenic/Non-Comedogenic- This is definitely not non-comedogenic.  It has coconut oil, which is a very high comedogenic rating.

Shades- Comes in 7 shades.  I wear the color medium.

Vegan- It is vegan.

Review- This concealer really is the holy grail when it comes to coverage.  If theres something you want to cover it does a good job.  You can even apply it, let it dry for 5 minutes, then go back and reapply the product for even more coverage.  I’ve even read where people use it to cover tattoos!  Get it here!

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