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How to Choose The Best Dark Lipstick for You

How to Choose the Best Dark Lipstick
Best Dark Lipstick

Ooooh, dark, bold lipsticks! It’s chic, classic, and seems to look great on everyone -- especially at parties (hello New Year's Eve!) but if you haven't dared to try it yet, or feel like the ones you've tried weren't exactly "you," maybe we can help find your best dark lipstick!

All you need is help in choosing the best lipstick shade for your skin tone, plus a few simple tips for seamless application, and you are all set.

While it’s true that everyone can pull off a dark lipstick shade, it’s also a fact that not all colors work on all skin tones. If you’ve banished deep lip hues from your makeup kit, chances are you simply haven’t discovered the shade that works for you.

How to Choose The Best Dark Lipstick for You

How to Choose the Best Dark Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

Dark lipstick shades come in an assortment of colors to suit all styles and preferences, from browns and purples, to pinks and reds. Like skin tones, there are cool, warm, and neutral tones, and the key is choosing the one that compliments your skin tone.

One easy tip to follow is to choose lipstick the way you choose clothing. Does orange bring out the warmth in your skin? You most likely have warm/yellow undertones and warmer lipstick hues will look great on you. Is blue a shade you wear a lot because it makes you look fabulous? You probably have pink/cool undertones and cooler lipstick shades will look best on you.We make it pretty easy to take the guesswork out of choosing dark lipstick shades by sharing vivid descriptions of each of our lipstick colors. Now, let’s get down to what you want to know … what color lipstick is right for me?

Best Dark Lipstick

If you have warm undertones: Deep lipstick shades with orange undertones work best. Pomegranate is a deep rosy coral that flatters warmer skin tones.

Best Dark Lipstick

If you have fair skin or cool undertones: Your skin tone works best with blue or pink reds. Red Fervor is a classic bold red lipstick with a slight pink undertone that compliments cooler skin tones.

Best Dark Lipstick

If you have neutral skin tone: Those lucky enough to have neutral undertones can pull off pretty much any shade. Try Shiraz, a rich burgundy wine shade for a stunning holiday look.Now that you have your ideal dark lipstick shade all picked out, don’t forget to exfoliate lips for a super smooth application. Here’s another makeup tip that’ll keep your pucker looking perfect. Our clever lipstick cases contain a small mirror and lip conditioner to make on-the-go applications hassle-free. Get ready to shine this holiday season!


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