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Purple eyeshadow looks

How to Get Purple Eyeshadow Looks That Flatter

How to Get Purple Eyeshadow Looks That Flatter

Silver and gold may have taken center stage throughout all the holiday & new year festivities but, there’s another hue of eye shadow looks that is brilliant on everyone. And it works year-round, too. So, get ready to perk up your peepers in 2019 with purple eye shadow looks!

If you love colorful makeup, purple eyeshadow may already be in your makeup kit. For those who opt for a more neutral palette, purple may sound way too bold a choice. The beauty of this magical shade? It’s super versatile depending on the application and shade you choose.

purple eyeshadow looks

Here’s a primer on choosing the best shade of purple eyeshadow to go with your skin tone and eye color, and application tips that suit your style.

How to Choose and Apply Purple Eyeshadow Looks for all Skin Tones and Eye ColorsLilac complements fair skin tones, like that in our Sweet Ballet Trio. One layer of shadow on the lower half of the upper eyelid, or even a simple swipe along the lash line, gives a hint of fresh color without going too bold. For a more intense look, try layering the purple shade and topping with the soft champagne shade. This is the ideal purple eye makeup hue for green-eyed gals.

Eyeshadow looks

Softer purple eyeshadow hues, like the muted dusty plum that is our Stella Royal Amethyst, suit light skin tones. One sheer layer makes for a fun neutral. Or layer this beauty for a more intense look. This hue is especially flattering for blue eyes.

Medium and dark skin tones can go with a richer, deeper shade of purple, like our Perfetto Evening Wisteria. Apply this deep violet to entire upper lid to create a fabulously complex look and swipe along bottom lash line. Intense and bright purples look stunning with brown eyes.

purple eyeshadow looks

Complete your eyeshadow looks with mascara and brow definer. When wearing a more daring makeup shade, like purple eye makeup, pair with a nude or pale pink lip. Keep cheeks neutral with a shade of blush that closely matches your natural skin tone or a simple swipe of highlighter.

The only thing that’s left is choosing what to wear. Get ready to dazzle!


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